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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Acquisition of new IT Skills

Our World as we know it is on the verge of a great leap. The reality is one: a fourth industrial revolution is about to explode, altering the way we live, the way we communicate and our career decisions. The World Economic Forum states that about 210 million people around the globe are expected to change their occupation by 2030.

Due to the advanced technological progresses, new developments are being designed and implemented such as robots and systems to replace the jobs of assistants, data collectors, payroll, administrative managers, and other roles exclusive to humans. BBC has estimated 800 million people will lose their job by 2030, due to automation. This whole scenario poses the following questions: are we ready for this reality? How does one secure their job, given the circumstances?

The only foreseen way seems to be up-skilling labourers, advising them to take courses, acquire new skills, especially related to IT. However, although many jobs will be replaced by robots, virtual software, and other systems, technology is also paving its way into new areas, new jobs and functions.

Technology is a means of propelling businesses when used appropriately. It simply depends on the way people look at it. Adaptation and “thirst” to learn new skills is crucial. For example: individuals in managerial roles should seek to learn about Big Data and how to apply it to their activities. To be ahead of the game one needs to be up to date with digital marketing, social media, apps, and all the available technological package.

Another key important quality for the achievement of success is creativity. To be able to plan ahead, find innovative approaches, lead changes, motivate and help others who are not yet adapted to the new reality and guide teams through the change.

The HR industry will be considered an as a Key Leader in this transformation. Well prepared HR teams are the right people to implement strategies to help progress and adapt in a non-prejudicial way to the individual and the organisation.

The HR "World" needs to be aware that the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is coming and that they need to be prepared to help many individuals that will for sure lose their job and not have the capacity to find something new. This is the time to motivate, inspire and implement ways to incentive labourers to acquire the skills that will be necessary for this coming future.


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