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About Us

Our Story

Based on the Evolutionary theory, the humans biological make-ups changed over a long period of time, to better suit the external environment and ensure the survival of the race. Hence, the word ‘Evolution’, which means progression, advancement, improvement, transformation, evolvement & adaption, which are principles our company live by.


We are committed to continuously learn from our experience – to evolve – through a set of unique Service DNA. This enables us to tailor make recruitment solutions to suit  human resources needs for your business in Macau. We ensure that the expertise we introduce to the market will advance the growth of your business, and further contribute to the growth of Macau.

Our Team

EvolutionHR is the leading HR Consultancy agency in Macau and we have currently and proudly entered in new Asian Markets.

Established in 2010, our team of consultants has solid recruitment experience both in Macau and Internationally, with extensive network, committed to offer ongoing recruitment support to our Clients and Candidates across Asia.

We have proven Methodology, Profound Impact, and sustainable results.

Evolution HR is the recruitment leading company in Macau. Our expertise has benefited both Candidates and Clients, specially in the Tourism, Entertainment and Gambling Sectors, which are the leading industries in the region.

Currently we are expanding to new markets all over the Globe. As the World becomes a smaller place, our aim is to increase our net of clients and candidates, from different sources, cultures, backgrounds and skills. We believe in connecting people for the interchange of competencies and necessities.

Client Service

We treat you with a personalised and proactive approach, to ensure our focused effort in delivering what you need today. Our wide range of services and packages will assist you in the whole hiring process, assuring high deliverance, and scanning of competencies and skills of the potential candidates.

Candidate Care

You will benefit from the excellent care provided by our Team. At Evolution HR we understand the importance of our role in a candidate´s job search process. We are committed to work closely with you in every step of the way, providing career advice, managing responsibilities and expectations, and staying in touch with after job placements.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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