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How to be more productive?

How often do you listen to people saying: “I work overtime (…), I am very tired, I have no time to finish my work, or I have no time for myself? (amongst similar expressions portraying the same state: busy, tired and in a rush?).

After researching a series of studies, the conclusion is that most workers are not properly managing their time in order to be productive.

We have selected some advices that might help you accomplish a higher productivity and improve your lifestyle:

Auto-analyse Your Situation First

Are you sitting next to a chatty co-worker? Are you distracting yourself to much on the social media? Try to find out where are your main distractions coming from, as it is only by identifying them that you can address the issue.

The Most Important Tasks Are Better Done Before Lunch

Deadlines and priorities should be done first, so therefore do not get distracted with emails or others things that are “minors” and focus first on your “major” things. Everything that can be done tomorrow, set it up for later, after finishing all that is priority for today.

Multitasking Is Not a Good Idea

Although many people consider themselves "multi-taskers", reality is that they are not entirely if they are still complaining in the end of the day of "no time". Is much better to complete one task at a time than working two tasks at the same time and not complete one of them, or not doing them properly, with excellence. Focus is extremely important. However, similar tasks can be grouped together, for example if you are going to respond an email, respond to all and come back only after a couple of hours again.

Set Small Goals for The Tasks

Sometimes projects seem to large, however when you start breaking down in smaller goals, you will be able to map it out better and complete with much ease. It is important to understand the scope of what is being asked.

Don't Overwhelm Yourself

Ambition is considered a good thing but do not overwhelm yourself, when you try to do too much it can cause you a great amount of stress, which will leave you in a more anxious state. Best is for you to improve you’re to-do-lists and focus exactly on what it needs to be done today.

Acquire New Habits to help Improve your Efficiency and Focus

Sitting in a desk, working for several hours requires great discipline, therefore, it is important to know your limitations and find ways to surpass them. Even different types of food can affect you production levels, therefore it is good to examine your personal habits and improve them, such as are you eating and sleeping right? Do you exercise?

Have Someone Hold You Accountable

Where there is structure, there is more potential to grow. If you have someone that you can share about your progress, completed tasks and goals, it will help you control your process of finishing the project.

Delegating and Following-up

After giving tasks to a team sometimes it is difficult to monitor and follow up. A right method is crucial for your team to be able to work more efficiently. An advice is to use good management softwares for that and also to constantly be focused on updating, and letting the team know of the next steps to take. This way everyone is on track.

Keep Your Work Environment Clean

The environment we live in influences our lives and so does the workplace environment affect our work. A cleaned and decluttered work place helps to focus more on the tasks that you may have in hand.


This is not about being slim and getting in shape, this is about your mental health, de-stressing. For example, if you take a walk calmly in the park or somewhere you may enjoy, this will not only increase your blood flow, but also reduce stress and anxiety which helps think more productively and efficiently.

Normally the process of becoming more productive does not happen overnight, but it is with changing the patterns of bad habits that one can start seeing progress, and just as bad habits come they can also go and be replaced by the right habits that can lead you to a successful life and career.

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