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Is it ok to break down into tears in the workplace?

People do not have the notion that several well accomplished and successful leaders do actually cry in the office and in public. Several well known names, such as Hillary Clinton, Roger Federer, did actually cry in public.

Unfortunately, many still think it is a weakness to do so. But is it in fact? Why should you show that you are strong when you are feeling desperate? Do you think it is unprofessional or womanly to cry? If so, who taught you that?

According to specialists of the matter, crying is a great response to moments of stress.

At this moment in time, people should stop making a big deal about this, and instead understand some methods to help you do it, in a way where you can calm down, and find some privacy to ease up.

We don’t believe you need to force yourself to "not cry", instead we have gathered some tips to help you cope with the situation in a more peaceful manner:

Find an exit way

Reality is that some conversations are better when not continued, and when one is feeling frustrated, instead of verbalising all thoughts and melting in tears, find a way to walk a way and take a breath of air, cry if needed in somewhere more private.

No need for apologies

If you are caught up crying, do not apologise. Move on, do whatever you need to do, but do not apologise as crying is natural, and should be accepted. Also, there is no need to justify why you are crying; it is simply personal and human.

Don’t blame others

Crying is your way of coping with a situation, it is your reaction and that has nothing to do with others. Therefore, own your tears and be not embarrassed about it.

Discern your crying

Obviously, simply because we support the need of crying this doesn't mean that you make it constant. Make sure your crying is truly something you can’t ignore, and not a an every day thing. Cry yes, but do it if really you can’t take it any longer. If you know you are a very sensitive person we advice you to learn how to control your emotions, and find help. However, what we truly mean is do not blame yourself if there is a moment where you have to break down. If it is something that only happens from time to time, it can be excusable and understandable. So do not use crying as an excuse for everything.

We live in an age full of studies, researches and information concerning emotions, and at this point there is no reason to continue being "pre-historic" in the way we deal with people inside the corporations. People are people, and we know that if they feel comfortable and on an environment on which they are accepted and understood, they will be much efficient, resulting in better accomplishments for the companies, specially when having to reach tough targets.

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