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Global Market Researcher (Hybrid work)

Global Market Researcher (Hybrid work)

Our client, a licensed and well-established online gaming/ BPO group is currently looking for an experienced Global Market Researcher.


The Global Market Researcher will researcher and compile data related to current markets, products and customer demographics and interest; analyze data and information on products and different markets conditions to make recommendations to the group senior management on potential new markets or products through research findings.  


The ideal Candidate for this position should be a MBA or Bachelor Degree Holder in Marketing Research, Statistics, Math or related field. Expertise in market research and analyze, hands-on experience working on international, multi-country, quantitative research projects for the gaming/ online gaming industry. Able to analyze autonomously qualitative data, trends, strategies and competition aiming at increasing company competitiveness. Able to translate complex concepts and methodologies into easily understood language.


This is a Hybrid working opportunity, Interested parties please kindly send your detailed resume to



Post by: EvolutionHR Consultadoria Limitada (Lic. No.3/2010)


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